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D'r Löwen

Bahnhofstr. 13
88319 Aitrach

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Welcome to the Löwen in Aitrach

Once upon a time there was a “fish-head” (that’s what the Germans call the inhabitants of the provinces in the very north), an Austrian girl and a Swabian girl. One wanted to go to Australia, then the postmen went on strike, so he came to Switzerland where he found the abandoned Austrian and took her to Germany.
There they found the Swabian, who never wanted to leave her beloved Baden-Württemberg. 

All three together found the “Löwen in Aitrach” and so this was the end of the big wide world…. and their little world was Swabian forever after.


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Wednesday - Saturday
10.00 am - 14.00 pm & 17.00 pm - late
Sunday & Bank holiday
10.00 am - late
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